Why you should listen to the postman.

Go Kenneth Cole. So many profound words from a man, who for some people, is just the tailor, just the guy who makes my favorite workpants, or that little black dress I love to wear to supper.

I'm not particularly a fan of his. Nor do I own any of his clothing. To me he's just a guy who makes things. But plenty of people make things. right? It dawned on me while watching this that I should pay attention to the people that -to me, at least- do mundain things. I find myself obsessed with people whom I think make things happen. But it's those who I generally whouldn't give a second look that can provide me with profound information that will ultimately change the way I listen to people, react to situations, live my life, and ultimately change the way I function in society.

I pay much attention to the words of bloggers and twitterers, and websites of different opinions and gossip. But I rarely have a conversation with someone outside of my immediate circle. In fact, I cannot remember the last time a had a completely refreshing conversation with a stranger that wasn't trying to get into my pants.

With that said, I must try and start to pay attention to those who don't immediately matter to me. God love the postmen, factory workers, haberdashers, bus drivers, wash house attendants, porters and fishermen alike. These are the people that I might really need to take a second gander at, rather, lean my shoulder towards, press my ear, and listen a little closer.
*cakes and pies*