My Favorite FACES


I've been thinking a lot lately about my favorite people to do makeup on, you know, the best canvases. And I realized I haven't listed those current pop culture mugs I would love to beat. so for the next few days i will be giving you a list of MY top ten current faces. So here goes...and try not to put me in a BOX, I might just suprise you....


Number 10 is.....

Maya Arulpragasam?

Yes. The artist affectionately known as M.I.A. although not a likely MUA pick, Maya's ability to transcend past any visual distraction is hard to find. The woman could walk around with a boat on her head and still be devastatingly present. When I look at her, it's hard for me to focus on anything but those incredibly sad eyes, full, pouty lips and obtuse, angled nose. Her face is fantastic! And i would readily beat her MUG!!!! Anyday.

Just take a look...

It takes a star to shine through certain kinds of looks. And Maya certainly shines bright.

Comment Question of the day:
Who would be your #10? Who is the star that YOU think could shine through any kind of makeup?

Video of the day:
This is one of my Fav M.I.A. videos!

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Never Late

This is the AiRis video we all worked so hard on. Much Love to AiRis. She's on her way to the top. Gotta love independent music, sis is going hard!!

Also much love to the SO SO FAB Bukky Are. You already know, she's the hottest, eghem, rather hautest designer period. YOU WISH you could get the exclusive....I WISH I could get the exclusive.

AND of COURSE ICY PR. girl. You are incredible. talk about a mover and a shakee. EEEEWWWWWW WEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

well enough of that. here's the video.

Airis, "Without You"

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This has Nothing to Do with Makeup...

But it has EVERYTHING to do with BEAUTY.
And Erykah Badu IS beautiful.
I can't believe I forgot how special she is.
Keep doing your thing MAMA and showing us a freedom that one can only aspire too
and at the same time showing us that we can inspire too.

Unfortunately, The video has been taken down from All over the net by the copyright holders, so I cant post it. BOOOOOOOOOO UMG. Teach the TRUTH to the young Black YOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!
but until it's reposted I found a funny article on MTV.com Check it out...

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AiRis music Video: Without You

So I'm sleeping when I get a phone call from celebrity stylist and Designer of HVS Bukky Are. She needs me immediately for a video shoot. Hair and Makeup. We LOVE Bukky Are, so of coarse without any hesitation, I agree. No questions asked.
fast>Fast Forward
South Beach
Shoot with acclaimed Miami Photographer Tommy Chung
2 day shoot on the beach
1 Grammy
1 Maltese named Paja
2 blue motherfuckers
8 fine boys
1 super big margarita
and 2.6 hours of sleep later,
I'm back in the A.

I can just hear my father now...
"AH AH!!! Olamma! Do you see your life?!"
Yes I do Daddy. And it looks mighty grand.
Dammit I love what I do.

*The Star*
If you're late, and don't know of Airis, She was the costar of Eldee's Gbosi Gbangba video (see above). BTW, that song has been stalking me. I swear everywhere I go I here it!God!lol.
And if you don't know who Eldee is...Then I can't help you. All I can say is get familiar with the Naija Musik scene.

The Director

The Stylist
the Uber Talented designer Bukky Are!

The PR
AH AH! If you don't know about this one, then you just don't know. Google her.

The Photographer
and of coarse...

MUGBEATER/ HAIR?...BEATER?... I don't know. We'll work that one out.

Good Times!!!!
There's something about working with an incredible team. Sometimes you work with people and the chemistry just isn't there. It shows in your product, it really does. And other times you are able to work with individuals that are not only talented, but carry a great spirit with them. I promise you it was like I wasn't even working. I can't wait to see the finished results.

Until next time.

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The Doctor's in.

Marcus Duval is in the A! Jesus save my soul, cause there's gonna be trouble. If you don't know who he is, your late. He's only the best photographer this side of the Mason Dixon. Yeah I said it!
He's also my creative other half, soul-mate, partner in crime...ball-and-chain... lol :) I beat the mugs, he stitches them up and makes something beautiful.


If you do makeup, styling, nails, or even if your a photographer who needs image correcting, whatever- you need him in your life.
you really, really do.

But enough about you. This weekend is about us. And it's gonna be BANANA'S!!!



Stop and Smell the Lilly's

It was in undergrad that I found her. 500 miles away from my SoFla home, in Tallahassee, Fl I began my research on the Pulitzer family. It was only natural that I wanted one of their famed [Pulitzer] Prizes as a budding writer. But I didn't know why the award was so great, other than if you won it, you'd be set for your literary life.
So I began my research on the Joseph Pulitzer tribe, digging and prodding for something truly interesting. That's when I found her- a streak of tangerine across a line of people unbelievably newsprint gray. Lilly Pulitzer married into the family, moved with her new husband to Palm Beach, and lived a lifestyle so far removed from her upper crust New York socialite lifestyle she could have been considered a beat. But she was so much more fabulous.
Enter my obsession. The next time I took the 6 hour drive back to SoFla I stopped in Palm Beach first. I was never a fan of the pomp: the royal palm lined sidewalks, the shiny streets made to compliment the Rolls Royce's that hovered above. But it was now somehow different. As I walked down Worth Avenue the passers by seemed to sparkle, carrying bags from Chanel and Tiffany alike. Their shininess overwhelmed me. I was folding to the pomp.
Imagine my rapture when I walk into M.A.C. over the holiday and see the Lilly Pulitzer collection "M.A.C. in Lillyland"
My faves were the cremeblends "Optimistic Orange," and of coarse, "Florida." How could I resist. The colors warmed up my winter. I like to use them as lipcolor as well. you know me. has to be more than one use for everything! I suggest you cop them soon.

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So... If you're in D.C.

You might have heard me on the radio last night. Pubbing this:

MUGBEATER.COM comming Dec. 2009. new year. new start people.

Big shouts out to @EkaSamone for hooking me up with the impromptu radio spot. Mama, you're a doll. Please support this young lady. She's doing big things.


Matter of fact, just Google her. Al you have to do is type in Eka! She comes right up.

Hope you enjoy the video. It's just a taste of what's to come.

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