AiRis music Video: Without You

So I'm sleeping when I get a phone call from celebrity stylist and Designer of HVS Bukky Are. She needs me immediately for a video shoot. Hair and Makeup. We LOVE Bukky Are, so of coarse without any hesitation, I agree. No questions asked.
fast>Fast Forward
South Beach
Shoot with acclaimed Miami Photographer Tommy Chung
2 day shoot on the beach
1 Grammy
1 Maltese named Paja
2 blue motherfuckers
8 fine boys
1 super big margarita
and 2.6 hours of sleep later,
I'm back in the A.

I can just hear my father now...
"AH AH!!! Olamma! Do you see your life?!"
Yes I do Daddy. And it looks mighty grand.
Dammit I love what I do.

*The Star*
If you're late, and don't know of Airis, She was the costar of Eldee's Gbosi Gbangba video (see above). BTW, that song has been stalking me. I swear everywhere I go I here it!God!lol.
And if you don't know who Eldee is...Then I can't help you. All I can say is get familiar with the Naija Musik scene.

The Director

The Stylist
the Uber Talented designer Bukky Are!

The PR
AH AH! If you don't know about this one, then you just don't know. Google her.

The Photographer
and of coarse...

MUGBEATER/ HAIR?...BEATER?... I don't know. We'll work that one out.

Good Times!!!!
There's something about working with an incredible team. Sometimes you work with people and the chemistry just isn't there. It shows in your product, it really does. And other times you are able to work with individuals that are not only talented, but carry a great spirit with them. I promise you it was like I wasn't even working. I can't wait to see the finished results.

Until next time.

*Cakes and Pies*

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