My Favorite FACES


I've been thinking a lot lately about my favorite people to do makeup on, you know, the best canvases. And I realized I haven't listed those current pop culture mugs I would love to beat. so for the next few days i will be giving you a list of MY top ten current faces. So here goes...and try not to put me in a BOX, I might just suprise you....


Number 10 is.....

Maya Arulpragasam?

Yes. The artist affectionately known as M.I.A. although not a likely MUA pick, Maya's ability to transcend past any visual distraction is hard to find. The woman could walk around with a boat on her head and still be devastatingly present. When I look at her, it's hard for me to focus on anything but those incredibly sad eyes, full, pouty lips and obtuse, angled nose. Her face is fantastic! And i would readily beat her MUG!!!! Anyday.

Just take a look...

It takes a star to shine through certain kinds of looks. And Maya certainly shines bright.

Comment Question of the day:
Who would be your #10? Who is the star that YOU think could shine through any kind of makeup?

Video of the day:
This is one of my Fav M.I.A. videos!

*Cakes an Pies*

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