Stop and Smell the Lilly's

It was in undergrad that I found her. 500 miles away from my SoFla home, in Tallahassee, Fl I began my research on the Pulitzer family. It was only natural that I wanted one of their famed [Pulitzer] Prizes as a budding writer. But I didn't know why the award was so great, other than if you won it, you'd be set for your literary life.
So I began my research on the Joseph Pulitzer tribe, digging and prodding for something truly interesting. That's when I found her- a streak of tangerine across a line of people unbelievably newsprint gray. Lilly Pulitzer married into the family, moved with her new husband to Palm Beach, and lived a lifestyle so far removed from her upper crust New York socialite lifestyle she could have been considered a beat. But she was so much more fabulous.
Enter my obsession. The next time I took the 6 hour drive back to SoFla I stopped in Palm Beach first. I was never a fan of the pomp: the royal palm lined sidewalks, the shiny streets made to compliment the Rolls Royce's that hovered above. But it was now somehow different. As I walked down Worth Avenue the passers by seemed to sparkle, carrying bags from Chanel and Tiffany alike. Their shininess overwhelmed me. I was folding to the pomp.
Imagine my rapture when I walk into M.A.C. over the holiday and see the Lilly Pulitzer collection "M.A.C. in Lillyland"
My faves were the cremeblends "Optimistic Orange," and of coarse, "Florida." How could I resist. The colors warmed up my winter. I like to use them as lipcolor as well. you know me. has to be more than one use for everything! I suggest you cop them soon.

*[orange]Cakes and [lilly]Pies*

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