They just keep rolling in

The pics KWUD shot for THE FASHIONISTA are hott!!! I really want to show you, but I'll save you'll have to wait and see until Nuovo Magazine puts them out April 1st!!!!

until then...
here's the video from the shoot.
BIG shouts out to James Jones with AFROGIST!!!

Now you know my government name.

No stalking please. O. And I'm not really that nice.

If you get too close...

You might get your


*cakes and pies*


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The Nigerian Fetish said...

Wow. I didn't know you were Nigerian till I saw your blog.. Wow, I went on Dunn P Uko's page and I saw you and Naira.

And I'm like wow, I love when my fellow Nigerian people are doing their thing.

I love your blog....
you should visit mines..


keep on doing it big..