Birthday Ish...New Ish...and Newer Ish

Yeah So...

As you know, I've been busy. But You have to admit, I've been a better blogger lately.(Kudo's to me:) Don't hate Haters) I have so many things to share with you. But first things first. The new images:

[Shot this with K-WUD. Its a collab with me and Dom. I think Ive mentioned her before. She did the tears. I can't tell how she made them. But I can tell you I will be using that trick in the future. SO WATCH FOR IT!!!

The Beautiful Model is Elliot. It was her first shoot, and she did great. I really want to shoot with her again.]

The Shoot with Bukky Are: House of Versatile Styles

Once again, we did a bang up job. Everyone was on point(especially me)

I kid. I kid.

But seriously. Big Ups to THE FASHIONISTA, KWUD, KB STROBELEY, X-FACTOR, and TUTU. Below are the shots by KB with X-FACTOR and TUTU consecutively.

These Ladies were Awesome. And I should be working with X sooon! Can't wait for that.


And It was MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


I went to NY. Not for work, but for PARTY!!!

and I discovered the nectar of the God's



I also did something that Good little Igbo girls aren't supposed to do...

But Fuck That. Watch and learn.

Rebellion is a beau
tiful thing.

*Cakes and Pies*