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Hech Yeah Son!!!
Yeah so um...

I'm not even going to go there.
How's everybody been? Thanks for the email's and all the love.
So let me tell you about my trip to the Beach....

MD said he wanted to change it up a bit, do some commercial and glamour instead of the usual highfashion beauty editorials. AND he wanted to shoot at the beach. This is how our convo went:

MD- We're gonna shoot it at the beach.
Me-what beach?
MD-It's only like 20 mins away
Me-Fuck that nigga! Aint no beaches 20mins away from tallahassee! You're full of shit. Last time you told me anything was a 20 min ride, I went through 3 cd's till we got there.

MD- You don't believ me?...Mapquest that shit then."

Needless to say. It was les than 20 minutes, cause it wasn't really a beach. It's this place called Lost Lake(creepy right). MD found out about it in this article in the newspaper. Apparently there were a series of police raids because dudes was going out there at night and having sex in the bushes and stuff. tee hee :o}

So I guess, MD thought it would be the PERFECT place to have a shoot. weirdo.

We got there and it was actually really pretty. White sand and evergreen trees. I know right? Like what the hell?

So we start shooting, and everything's gravy. Makini(the wife) is there helping out with the girls and we're having a blast.

So about an hour into the shoot I'm retouching Deannia's lipgloss and I start to feel a little dizzy. I'm putting on the final touches of shellack on Deannia's lips and then....

apparently my eye's rolled to the back of my head and I passed out.
All I remember is waking up with four beautiful women in front of a clear blue sky. I thought I was in heaven. But I wasn't. I just had low blood sugar.

One of the girl's we shot ran back to her jeep and got me some Chicklets.
After my body stopped shaking and MD(who completely ignored the situation by the way. He doesn't love me) finished shooting we got the heck out of dodge.

Here are the Pics. Enjoy!!!


(Wearing Elle Owen swimsuits.)


I don't always have to be wild and crazy.
I can do pretty too!!!

*Cakes and Pies*