No. No. Don't leave me... I love you.

Is what the beach say's when I pick my ass up from off the sand...Thus, I'm still on Vacation.

It's not that I don't love you, my faithful readers, It's just that I love the aqua blue horizon and the south florida sunshine a little more.SORRY.

But can you blame me? And just think... This is where I grew up. JEALOUS? You should be.

So let's catch up.
In the last two week's I've

Moved out of Tallahassee.

Got stuck in a crap load of traffic.

Relocated to Atlanta.

Shot with Jamie Hopper and Wendy Huber @ The King Plow Arts Center.

Got lost in Atlanta, and stuck in a crap load of traffic.

Shot with Jonathan Hollada and Ally BourBeau.

Went on Vaca to Ft. Lauderdale.

Went to Langerado and saw thw roots and the Beastie Boys- which by the way are refreshingly hot. They stole the show for me. You HAVE to see them while they're on tour (check out http://www.beastieboys.com/tour/ for tour dates). They played Sabotage for the Finale. The weed smoking Hippies went WILD!!!!

They are SO eclectic. Like I said. I highly recommend it.
And of course the roots NEVER dissappoint. ?uestlove gets all my love. and Blackthought is highly underrated.

OH! and Yall missed my BIRTHDAY!!! MARCH 6th BABY!!
I had a blast with my homie Johne. She's one of my favorite people.
No Crazy Makeup stories. Sorry. Like I said. I'm on Vacation.
But I'll be back with more rants and raves come monday.
*Cakes and Pies*
Check out Santogold's first video. I thought Creator was going to be first, but it wasn't LES Artistes is.

Sick init. It's officially the lead song in the soundtrack of my life. And the COLOURS!!! THE COLOURS!!!

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