I'll Fly Away

Video for the Day: J*DaVeY, Mista Mista

Yeah so. I didn't know it was legal to sell marijuana in California. I would have been there a long time agoe. Shout outs to Big T in Santa Monica. He's the shit.

Oh Snap! I just got an e-mail that said Ike Turner's dead. A sad day for wifebeating pop icons worldwide. So... A tribute to you Ikey Baby.
The Beginning:


Okay well, enough of that. Got the pictures back from MD. And I must say. We are the future of fashion. We are THE NEW BLACK.

So Here's how the shoot came along. We started working with a stylist, this hot Indian(bindi, not feather) mujer named Asha Maddali. She's totally the shit. Look for her in the future. She goes around the world collecting jewelry and other accessories. I can actually say i was excited to work with her, and I don't get excited about anything but Jesus and money (in that order). He met her through Clutch Magazine.

We were shooting some of her amazing accesories. Marcus said he wanted to paint a black chick black. So my wheels went turning and I thought...TRIBAL! I went out and picked up these sick lashes. And that was that.

Oh! Oh! Let me tell you. We were supposed to shoot this chick Chanel. Beautiful. Dark skin. Really Grace Jones ya know. Apparently She's really flaky too. Cause she never showed, or even called. Which equals WACK AS HELL in my book.

So I had been telling MD about this chick Marie for like a week.
He checked out her pics and was kinda like ehhh. But I'm like MD. Feel my vision, check my status, and recognize, right? So he was sleeping on my girl-Not completely his fault(sometimes his brain gets in the way). And I of course ALWAYS moisturize my situation and preserve my sexy. So I'm usually right. Maria was on. She was hunting my ass DOWN!
Autumn joined along too. and we had a blast, cause you know I love Autumn. She makes me feel like my life is going places.

Enough of that. Here it is...



I TOLD you I'm the coldest thing since ICE.
check for ya girl

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