Video for the day: Missy, "She's a BITCH"
The all black is stunning...yet. Demonic. Creepy.

Damnit Man. I've been fuckin up. I should really start posting more. abi?
anyway, got the pics back from the diamond shoot. They turned out pretty hot.



Oh, and here's the "I wanna be sexy" chick, JAIMI

We did a sexy shoot with her a few weeks later. It turned out FIYA. I guess sexy really is what she do. It was like a Calvin Klien-esqu shoot topless w/ jeans. Shot it with my boy Jared. He's one sexy MOFO. I secretly call him my Sweet Sweetback. And let me tell you, the brotha does sing one BADASS song. (I'm lame...what can I say. It was like this forbidden interracial love type joint. Yeah. Rollin around in the Georgia clay and ish. Too HOT!
Hit my boy Jared up @

Long I know. He's also on a straight to DVD drama titled "My Brothers Keeper"

That's whatsup abi? Naso.

But YO! Check it. I shot with MD this past weekend. We shot my girl Autumn, and My homie, who I didm't even know was a model, Maria. We all know Autumn is hot...

It was my first time doing body paint. And not that wack ass body paint you see everyone do. Mine was hell editorial, like I don't know how I'm going to top myself. I was painting titi's all night. It was Fabulous!LMAO. no homo.

Oh, and it's official. The BEATER is moving to the A. Feb 15, 2008 baby. So to all those in Spodieodiedopalycious Land...Prepare to get Beat Down by the Fabulous Fist.

stay uppity.
Ya Girl

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