Besides whiskers on kittens...

Forget Oprah. I know you want to hear what my favorite things are.
So here we go.

THESE are a few of my favourite things...


BTW. I don't care what color his skin was. His blood was red, and that is what's most important.

These shoes

This Lady


Of course this.
If you don't know...You better ask somebody.

Vaseline is the perfect impromptu product. Not only does it take away the ash, and magnify the lustre in most complexions, it can also be used as a lipgloss, mascara, eyeshadow, brow creme, and highlighter!

(no I'm not ghetto. I'm just resourceful.)

But Seriously. All those things.

This album

wait... this one too.


Ask me why I know the whole routine. AND I'm doing my hair like this for Christmas.

As far as Makeup Goes....

These brushes

These brushes are wonderfully inexpensive and well made. go to www.makeupcreations.com

The set is by Yvonne Ouellette.

This lip colour

This lipstick is so creamy and luxurious. It'll make you feel like a million dollars. And it comes in tons of colours.

These shadows

These Shadows are from YABY Cosmetics. Check them out. It's insane. You can't beat the price for the quality of pigment. Far Better than MAC. YUCK! Bad taste in my mouth.


This stuff up here^^ is my own personal version of Maybelline. You know the pink and greem mascara. Well This is from Bourjois Paris. It's absolutely Fab. You can buy it at Sephora. I esspecially like the wand. I was put on to this particular type in Japan. My sis (Shouts out to Emiko and the whole Hirasawa Fam) let me know what the deal was! easier to disinfect. Plus a smoother application. NO MORE SPIDER EYES!

oh. And this concealer cover's up anything!

DERMABLEND BABY!!! It's really the bomb. It could make Michael Jackson Black again.

Gotta love it

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Karrie B. said...

i think i may try that mascara!!!

-karrie b.