yeah so...Its been almost a month hasn't it?

New Years resolution: Be more grammatically corect. Even in blogs and emails.

Shot with my homegirl Amber Yesterday. She has the most unique face I've ever seen. Like a bunny...right? lol!

It was perfectly commercial. Just what I wanted. We did Kadij too, and of coarse, she was terrific

Mr. D and I also went over the big shoot for CLUTCH MAG last night. It's gonna be crazy. which reminds me. I need to get a scaner so I can show you my sketches beforehand. I think that would be nice for you to see. Especially since this blog is all about the creative process.

so remind me. say, "scan your sketches MUGBEATER!"
and I will. I'll remember.

Oh. And it was Mr. D's birthday Friday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY M.D. The Doctor of Photography!!!

WooHOO! Drinks All around.

Gotta Love it.


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