I'm seriously going through photoshoot withdrawl man. No. Like seriously. I need another hit.

But I've been spending a lot of time with the fam though. These down times are good for us. Because otherwise, they hate me.

The last shoot I did was a part of the series I like to call
"Bling Blow: the beauty of Ghettofabulousness"
(not the official title. Just a mugism)

We shot with Sanaa. Beautiful chocolate goddess. I actually knew her from before. And when I saw her I was like...SISTUH!? (we're both in an organization called SISTUHS. go figure.)

The beautiful Sanaa

She's a beast. And such a pleasure to work with. And the makeup i did on her was better than Deannia's.
I'm ill.
And that's my word.



marcus said...

I see you miss lady. I am going through withdrawal as well we have got to shoot something quick. M. Duval

Anemone said...

Good for people to know.