A BEAT-tastic Weekend.

Today's Color: INDIGO
Video/Song for the Day: Sittin up in my room, Brandy

On my grind hard ya dig. B4 I move to the ATL(March) I need to get my portfolio righty tight tight. So I've been shooting with the illusive MD every week Fri-Sun. But Iv'e been geglecting the Fam Hard. So I decided to bring lil sis- Jazzy J, along 4 some quality time. + she needs to work on her port (equation: Ola+FAM= instant connection. I take care of my peoples).

*Jazzy J*

We met wit MD on Sat. and brought her on. We shot on Sunday after church. So like... I knew Jazzy was hot... But The girl worked the HELL out of our shoots. Literally. Casting out bad hair demons and all. She so fly.

We shot this amazing colombian and Brazilian chick R. Acosta. (so fly) for the new Black campaign, and we shot this really pretty white chick. SHE was interesting.

Can't say I'd WANT to do it again though. It was wierd wa dig? I'd never want to be one to put folk in a box but... she was so Sorority. Like she lived in the house and everything.

Ultra Gamma Pi Blah.

but she was like this hippie vegitarian. Who new. Don't get me wrong. I love all of Gods children(not neccessarily like. But love) and all but pretty white chicks, the kind that EVERYONE thinks is pretty, generally can't understand the concept of beauty.

Pretty is safe. Beauty is uniquely dangerous.

So while making Ms. Collgate 2007 into the ice queen from Chronicles of Narnia

you get alot of complaints. Like, "next time...Can we do sexy?"

No bitch. Next time we'll do whatever the HELL I say we're gonna do. :o) tee hee

but I digress.

Oh can't forget. My favourite for the night. DEANNIA.

Deanna usually does eye candy, and video's. But the girl is strikingly beautiful. Even if she gained like 100 million pounds she'd still be drop dead gorgeous.

Of course if she really did weigh over 100 million pounds she would be drop dead gorgeous.

A beautiful corpse.

She was so fly. I did all over diamonds and made her skin this purpley blue color. Yep. I'm a BAD motherf*cker. She was so appreciative. Cause she never gets to do stuff like that. All she gets to do is sexy. Maybe one day Ms. Collgat 2007 will learn.

But check out Deanna. Show her some Love.
More pics to come.
your favourite,

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