The Baddest

Video of the Day: Trina- The Baddest Bitch

Throughout the years I have persisted on hating Beyonce.

I've boycotted her shows, her album's, her movie's (the only reason I saw DREAMGIRLS was to see J.Hud show her ass out), and have redubbed her many a name

HeeHaw-ncey(claiming she sounds like donkey from Shrek-especially in her movies)

Be-non-sang(claiming she can't sing)

The Smoker(not because she's hot, but because she Blows Joe Camel-eghem Jay-Z)

The Eclipser(she casts a shadow on anyone in her direct spacial system)

I have even gone as far as claiming her as the perfect example of how beauty fosters mediocracy.

However recent events have somehow swayed my opinion.

I don't care what anybody says. I've tried to hate. I've really tried my best. But

Beyonce is officially (because I said it) the baddest Bitch this side of the equator.

Now I said to myself, "Self." and myself said, "hmmm?"

"She needs to be assasinated so we can replace her."

"Sounds like a good idea."

"Let's get to work."

Craziness aside. That sky-blue and silver concotion of spectacularity(yes. I said spectacularity) made my award show dress year.

Thank you Beyonce.
*Cakes and Pies*
Before I forget. Got the pic back from the Clutch Shoot. Will be posting tomorrow along w/ other random pics.
so tomorrow is PICTURE DAY!!!!
be excited.

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John said...

She's very talented for what she does in the industry...and u shouldnt state comments about having her assasinated...some people are that crazy to try