Hello my BeaterBabies, (Hey J*Davey has Babies...Why cant I?)

It's a wonderful day in MUGBEATER LAND.

This weekend I shot with Fashionista Bukky, KB of KB Productions, K. Woods(Saturday), and Mr. WASHINGTON(Monday).

They were both quite productive. Saturday's shoot was for Bukky's Line. Check Her Out. She's Hot. It was in Five Points which I had never been to befor, seeing as I just moved to the city. It's a pretty cool Area. My kind of people ya know.

Anywho, The shoot was Like NAIJA FEST 2008. I might sound um... a bit crazy, But I promise you, I have never been in a room with so many cool ass Naija Kids. I had a Blast.

Hmm... Lets See,

there was the beautiful and ever sweet BUKKY(stylist),

The tall dark and handsome KB(Photographer),


The Gorgeous ZaiNA(pronounced zay-nah) who modeled for us, and is also a recording artist. Check the Video.

The baby Faced KENO(Recording Artist)

and Last but certainly not least internationally renowned recording artist ELDEE.

Apparently he's a big fucking deal. And because I'm an Akatta(I'm probably spelling this wrong because I'm such a loser.) And don't know what's going on in my homeland, I was completely ignorant of his fame. I was even spelling his name LD. Cause that's how you say it.

go figure.

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"Robby" said...

I had to go ahead google him too! lol. I love the name of your blog....