Gotta Love it.

Okay, so this is what happened to me today.

Last night M.D called me and left an urgent message.

I get home from church and call him back.

Apparently someone on Model Mayhem Swagger Jacked my work real hard. I'm pissed you know. Pissed like David Bowie when he heard "Ie Ice Baby."

So I go online the next morning an sure enough...

Well If you're new to this Blog check me brushwork...
He took me for my cookies to say the least.

I felt so used. Like I had been Hoed out.
So, I wqrote him a nasty message, that went a little like this:

When my photographer told me that someone had blatantly ripped my shit off. I didn't believe him. But... Here you are!FYI I work really REALLY hard at all of my creations. You, could not possibly know how much thought and planning go into my shoots. Anything I do comes from within. as far as I'm concerned Fuck the makeup, I AM AN ARTIST FIRST.
with that said: Come up with your own shit. Cheap immitations only make you look cheap.
So, come up with your own shit.
you bastard.

Needless to say, I'm a bit dramatic.
So he wrote me back and called me a trick bitch.
lol. I have to say... it was funny.

A couple of Bitches and Hoes later
we resolved our problem.
Thanks to Jesus.
(Gotta love him!)

Anywho. That was my drama for the day.
Oh. and I posted a MM forum about it.
(I said I was mad.)

Lesson learned:
Stay away from DRAMA. it's useless.
(...but I still say that BITCH had to pay! MWAHAHAHAHA!)

Cakes and Pies


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