"there’s money in the streets and it can’t be ignored which is why heron has not been blogging as much since the A-ron interview. he said if you’re gonna do something in nyc, it better not be a hobby because we need to make money in this city, and if it is a hobby then that means you got money."
CHURCH HERON. I really believe this is true. and with that said...
I am not a writing student, It is not my hobby. I'm a writer.
I am not a girl who likes makeup, It's not my hobby. I'm an artist.
in other words, I DON"T DO SHIT FOR FREE.
Which is why I will never work with CLUTCH MAGAZINE(if you can call it that) again.
clearly I'm still upset about the situation. Maybe I should save it so that I can have a more objective view of what happened.
Fuck that. My opinion is the only one that matter's in this blog.
The fitting went well ya know. They pulled chothes for all the girls. I got to see what kind of styles we were working with so that I could get my creative juices flowing. And I was excited about the shoot the next day:
Sans the fact that CLUTCH MAGAZINE had already printed my work in the beauty section of their magazine, (as a matter of fact, my work was the whole beauty section of their magazine) and failed to give me credit. PLUS! They posted listings of the makeup used, AND it wasn't the proper makeup. The listing weren't even brands I use! AARRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!
But MD convinced me(somehow) to do the shoot anyway.
now I remember.
The guy doing hair was a Frederic Fakkai stylist. He works at Green Peridot Salon in Tallahassee.
My girl Autumn got the hook up, cause he's her stylist.
That was the ONLY reason I was doing the shoot.
I don't feel like talking abou this anymore.
Long story Short. The location was hot. The girls were Hot. Hair and makeup was HOT. Cluth Mag and their "staff" is NOT.
They were throwing Autumn MAJOR shade because they didn't think she was the "model type". Basically the hoes was hating in full effect. It was terrible. And poor Autumn, the day before, just went through her own personal tragedy.
Actually, I can't say it was all of Clutch. The guys were sweet. But the girls, Out of control. They just made the environment uncomfortable for everyone. And there were like 15 MILLION people there. Shit, there was no room to breathe.
The most imortant people on a photoshoot are, in this order:
1. Photographer
3. Hair and makeup
4. Models
That's it. Nobody else matters during filming. If the above listed cannot concentrate, and are distracted by foolishness the product shows their frustration.
Will post pictures later. In all honesty, I don't even want to see them.
* * *
This did cheer me up though. Japanese people are the coolest. And hey, If you want eyelids,

*Cakes and Pies*



Anonymous said...

Wow. your not talking about www.clutchmagonline.com right? It must be the College Clutch Magazine at FSU. Can you clarify on your post what Clutch Magazine it is, because you don't want the wrong magazine the get a bad name.

Dede said...

I'm from Clutch Magazine Online (www.clutchmagonline.com) and she is not talking about us. We don't do any outsourcing and everything we do is from our staff. We also don't do photo shoots.

We have found out their are two other magazines named Clutch. One is a student magazine and another is a Biker Magazine. We are neither.

Thanks Anonymous for letting us know. WE would hate for people to think this is about us.